„Green Three Seas for Young People” strategy admin 5 października, 2023

„Green Three Seas for Young People” strategy

We are pleased to announce that we have prepared the „Green Three Seas for Young People” strategy, which is an innovative document presenting the perspective of young people from 10 Three Seas countries, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Liva and Latvia on the topic of the New Green Deal .

In a world marked by rapid climate change, emerging environmental issues and the urgent need for sustainable development, the strategy presents an action plan to empower young people to actively contribute to a sustainable future for our planet. This strategy emphasizes the need for an integrated approach to climate change and environmental education, encouraging young people to actively participate in the environmental decision-making process.

In our strategy you will find sections such as:
1. „Green Job Market”, focuses on the countless opportunities available to young people in green industries and sectors
2. „Just Transition”, refers to a just transition towards a sustainable economy that ensures the well-being of all citizens, especially young people
3. “Inclusive climate policy” presents the need for inclusive and democratic decision-making processes in shaping climate policies.
4. „Ecological education”, emphasizes the role of knowledge and awareness in promoting an ecological way of thinking.

„The Green Three Seas for Young People” is an invitation addressed to young people around the world to actively engage in creating a sustainable future for themselves and future generations. We invite you to read.

Check our strategy!

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