Green Horizons: Youth Igniting Climate Action admin 21 kwietnia, 2023

Green Horizons: Youth Igniting Climate Action

We are pleased to announce that another meeting has been scheduled within the framework of the Green Three Seas Initiative for Youth project, this time in Slovenia in order to further strengthen cooperation within the Trilateral Initiative. The initiative seeks to bring together organizations, institutions and partners to develop climate action and foster sustainable development through the European Green Deal. Through public events and awareness campaigns, the project hopes to increase social capital among all participants. Additionally, youth will be given the opportunity to take an active role in the public debate. By basing the project’s main outcome – the Green Tri-Cities Strategy for Youth – on the recommendations of young people, we will be able to further increase the competencies of our youth and help make them more employable in the rapidly changing world. To help young people make informed decisions about their future careers, we will organize workshops under the „Green Labor Market – Green Competencies” initiative, with a focus on fostering civic activity, initiative and entrepreneurship, as well as improving employability. These workshops will be conducted in various industrial areas, and are designed to educate participants about the effects of climate change and how it affects the economy and job market.

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